Sunday, April 29, 2007


Why We Are What We Are...

Andrew Klavan, in a recent post (The Big White Lie) at City Journal (hat tip to Libertas), points out something I've often noticed in my own attempts to pin down why I hate leftism -- it's the phony contrived and dishonest "manners" in their scheme. I still remember cringing in disgust when a snooty little nascent intellectual at grade school would proclaim, "I don't hate anybody" knowing she was one of the most bitter and hate-filled people in the class -- it's always about how much better they are than you or I. That's why they figure they should be the ones with the big bucks and ultimate power instead of those crude, unsophisticated, and "mean-spirited" movers of commerce that have created the modern world. The "good people" want power and they want it now! (Temper-tantrum included free of charge).

Someone recently sent me a video link by a "liberal" (leftist) who explains why they're "a liberal" (better than other people). Note there are plenty of straw-man slights of hand in this amature propaganda piece. Clowns like these really just want to come out and say, "I'm a liberal because I'm noble, peaceful, kind, loving, wise, and good...and you're not."

Klavan's City Journal article offers a splendid response and sums up well some of my own reasons for being a conservative / libertarian:

"The thing I like best about being a conservative is that I don’t have to lie. I don’t have to pretend that men and women are the same. I don’t have to declare that failed or oppressive cultures are as good as mine. I don’t have to say that everyone’s special or that the rich cause poverty or that all religions are a path to God. I don’t have to claim that a bad writer like Alice Walker is a good one or that a good writer like Toni Morrison is a great one. I don’t have to pretend that Islam means peace."

Friday, April 27, 2007


Someone Who's For Us

A rare sober voice from a former member of America's party of bizarre betrayal.

You'll remember that in the recent mid-term elections, the Democrat party did all they could to defeat one of their own. In spite of their efforts, Joseph Lieberman ran as an independent -- and won. Also, in spite of the Democrats' belief that most of America's voters share their views on Iraq, Lieberman was elected against the Democrats hand-picked "anti-war" candidate.

Under normal (pre-9/11) circumstances and before the Jihad of fascist Muslims became so bold, it would be rare to find myself agreeing with a big-government "liberal" on an issue. Lieberman himself would hardly be supportive of the current president if things were as they were in the old paradigm.

As it turns out, liberal Senator Lieberman (like a few Democrats in his former party) is a staunch supporter of the president's actions, post-9/11. He recognizes -- with sound and practical analysis -- who the enemies are and what must be done to effectively defeat them. In this regard he is a rare individual, having been a member of a party that has become "progressively" (no pun intended) weak-willed, defeatist, and incompetent (and, in some cases, virtually treasonous).

There are plenty of sober voices among citizens and representatives in America and the rest of the world. We can only hope their resolve prevails at a time when our second greatest enemy is the stance that supports and encourage our first greatest enemy. To say that one is "either with us or with the terrorists" (as President Bush has done) is not "narrow-minded," "simplistic," or “arrogant,” as some have said. It's an honest appraisal of the facts as they now stand.

It would be nice if fewer of our "own voices" were with the terrorists in spirit, if not actual intent.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Groveling at the Feet of the Guy Who Wants to Kill You

Hitler told the world what he hoped to someday do. All communist “movements,” their leaders, and followers had and have outlined their “plans” for the rest of us. The current head of Iran and the dictator of North Korea have clearly stated their open aims, dreams, and nightmares for others.

Under the consistent and blatantly obvious reality of historical circumstance, a great deal of blame for the death and destruction brought to the world by authoritarian leaders and states can be placed upon the stupid fools who continue to placate, appease, and grovel at the feet of totalitarian ideals. Even more pathetic is the fact that they prostrate themsleves before such ideals because their greater suspicions and chastisements are directed at free and open societies (usually due to a bizarre disdain for open commerce and opposing thought).

Sometimes a position is mistaken or naïve – sometimes it's just stupid.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Democrat Neo-Comms and “Diplomatic” Compromise with Fascism

Okay...most Democrats are “opposed to the war” (opposed to using the American military to establish a peaceful, free, and open society in Iraq). 'Some reasonable and unreasonable arguments can certainly be made on tactics, BUT, what's with some of the more ridiculous quotes coming out of the Democrat's Jacobin wing?

Most Democrats voted for removing Saddam Hussein. “Regime change” was an official stated policy of the Clinton administration. There are numerous quotes – recorded on video – of prominent Democrats expressing their concern regarding Saddam's suspected stockpiles or potential development of weapons of mass-destruction. Yet, with all of this in their closet, most Democrats have ranted defeatist rhetoric since the initial weeks of the war's commencement. Since then they've (of course there are a few reasonable and dignified exceptions) literally done everything in their power to undermine the establishment of a free society in Iraq. They have perpetually sided with the views of “spokespersons” from the left and terrorists in their hatred for not only George Bush, but the United States in general.

We are told “not to question their patriotism.” Well I wish to be among those who question many Democrat's patriotism – and sanity.

Here's a classic quote from John Murtha (D-Pa) the other day; “They won the war and the mission was accomplished. We cannot win it militarily. It can only be won diplomatically.”

Overlooking the bizarre contradictions in his statement...Is he serious?!

“...diplomatically.”?! The American military and its allies, along with the elected Iraqi government, are trying to stem the tide of fanatic violence, and we need to establish “diplomatic” approaches -- with suicide bombers, terrorist factions, and former Baath party fascists? Maybe we can work on trade negotiations and joint space missions with Al Queda?

Sorry to be so blunt but there is no “diplomatic” angle to this scenario. The enemy is fascist by every definition. They're not going to make agreements with a goal of reaching peaceful solutions and a free society. Like all fascists (and I include communists with fascists – both being extreme collectivists willing to sacrifice individual freedom for the cause of obedience to an omnipotent state power), their end is not adaptable, negotiable, or aimed to noble purpose. They want to establish maximum tyranny, over Iraq and beyond.

There are some cases where you either surrender to or defeat a committed and ruthless enemy. An imaginary middle choice of running and hoping that the police state that emerges will be nice to people is not a legitimate option.

The issue is not about George Bush's character, weapons of mass destruction, or “imperialism,” it's about stopping an ideology whose tactic has continually been deliberate violence against civilians to prevent them from establishing a peaceful and open society. Calling for “diplomacy” with terror factions would be like working out a compromise with a mugger.

In seeing reality for what it is, the Democrats have a few noble exceptions among them, (i.e. Joseph Lieberman and former New York mayor Edward Koch -- both are “liberal” in all matters beyond the war with Islamic Fascism), but for the most part, Democrats want to see America fail in Iraq, and by default want to see fascist thugs rule (of course, they would never come right out and say that). Why? Because they hate George Bush. Sorry, but I don't think that's a good reason to hope for the triumph of fascism in the Middle East.

The free world (I think we can start using that term again) is now full of people, cell phones in hand and I-pods in ear, who think “stop the war” is a valid rallying cry to stem the tide of contemporary fascism. “Stop the fascists” would make more sense but then again, many don't even know who the fascists are. Here's a hint; they're the one's who don't want to see a free and prosperous pluralistic society in Iraq or anywhere else (Starbucks, McDonalds, I-pods, and internet blogs are not expressions of fascism).

Those who continually seek to undermine the fostering of freedom, peace, and security in Iraq are serving no noble purpose. Democrats who call for “diplomacy” and compromise with totalitarian ideologies can hardly be called “patriots.”

America's Democrats; question their patriotism – and question their sanity.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


More Euro-spin and Malicious Delusion

'Some in-depth accounts of the depravity of the European media, specifically the German media – one of the worst in its Anti-American obsession (from a country with a lot of skeletons in its closet).

When are these pathetic authoritarian snobs going to realize that it's a good thing the Soviet dictatorship and its spawn (i.e. East Germany) lost the Cold War?

There is every reason in the world for Europeans to view America as their greatest friend and ally (and of course some do) but instead, the pipers of Euro-leftland specialize in bitter mocking hatred of the U.S, -- 'guess they miss their fascist pals, Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein et al. (distinctions between fascists and communists are barely discernible to any honest observer).

The Euro-left will continue to savor any misfortune or tragedy in American society. Most of their media outlets – like America's own – will continue to deceive, and distort and spin both the good and the bad of American life while continuing to hide from their own tarnished past, present, and future.

In mere decades it's quite possible that Europe will be dominated by and perhaps ruled by Islam and Sharia law. Given their past facination for totalitarian collectivism and disdain for the American style of individual self-government, an Islamic Europe will not be a pretty picture but, for now, their media outlets and haughty “spokespersons” can just relish in the mishaps of the free society that has so often bailed them out of their own inability to judge the difference between good and evil – what utter fools.

(Again, I need to emphesize my awareness that not all Europeans, or even all media outlets in Europe, have succumbed to this foolish state of philosophy but, like America itself, the politcal and cultural left has come to dominate most institutions of information and policy. To love collectivism, authoritarianism, and "multi-cultural" relativism inevitably defaults to a bitter hatred for America. When promotion of this ridiculous stance bears fruit, it's quite possible that the entire world and it's people will be very sorry. Removing dictators may bother some people but leaving more of them in power to pursue their "plans" may turn out to be more horrible than any of us can imagine (Brussels isn't going to stop a nuclear attack from an Islamic terrorist state).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dirty Laundry and the Classic Anti-U.S. Feeding Frenzy

Hey...Lets turn a tragedy into another socialist media talking point!

Something referred to as, “The World Press,” or “Voices Abroad” have now taken an opportunity to do some free ads for Michael Moore's, “Bowling for Columbine” (literally, in some cases).

There's a rock song from the 80's by Don Henley called, “Dirty Laundry” (do read the lyrics in the link) that best describes the horrid lack of decorum amongst the fourth estate – especially in times of tragedy. Add most “mainstream” sources' inclination to skew things deliberately to the promotion of left wing political views and we have both lack of decorum and pathetic dishonesty.

This week's college campus shooting has brought out a frenzy of the usual from the hate-America crowd but, ultimately, it makes about as much sense to rant about, “those violent Americans” as it would to refer to, “those violent Koreans” (since the recent mass shooting was by an “ethnic” Korean). How about, “those violent persons” as an honest statement directed at those rare individuals who actually carry out such horrid schemes.

Here on Japan's TV Asahi News, the tragedy was used to show a sentimental montage down memory lane – Columbine, of course, along with other mass shootings in North America (oh wait, those ones in Canada in recent years were left out).

TV Asahi, using classic journalistic manipulation, showed American shootings (different times and places) in large blocks across a map of the country, covering the nation in journalistic hyperbole – 'less drama if such incidents were shown as pinpoints or if a different map were used for different years, but viewers would then have gotten the impression that huge areas of America (and it's 300,000,000 population) never encounter gun shootings (beyond what they're shown in movies or by newsroom violence whores).

Leftist journalists in Japan (not really so different from anywhere else) can embellish the misfortunes of a country they don't like, yet barely a year goes by here (Japan is still a relatively low-crime country), where some psycho doesn't strangle, stab, or dismember a victim (little girls in a couple of instances). But usually there are no guns involved – that's surly got to make a strangled person feel better. Years ago a cult leader orchestrated a mass killing in a Tokyo subway station using sarin gas -- no guns though, so no doubt less a problem for journalists with ideological axes to grind.

The gun issue has never been that big with me, though I recognize the intentions and merits of the American constitution's second amendment. Minus guns (or more alert campus security) the recent psycho-shooting would have of course resulted in fewer fatalities but the killer could have, just the same, drove through a crowd or ran through a classroom with a large knife. That would have reminded us that people don't kill people, knives and cars do.

This week's horror story will inevitably become one of those catalysts to discussions regarding “our sick society,” overlooking the fact that “our sick society” didn't kill students on a college campus this week, a sick individual did (again, one out of 300,000,000).

I'm quite certain that, like socialist non-health care, the gun ownership criminalization issue is a done deal. The scales are now further tipped to favor the statists, and the U.S. will become evermore like Europe. But can we honestly look at the state of health and crime in Europe today and say that's a good thing? What will then follow; six week mandated vacations and double-digit unemployment...and periodic stabbings, strangulations, and shootings from illegal guns?

A mass shooting and more "dirty laundry" from "voices abroad" (and at home) -- have they no decency?


Breath of the Beast

I don't recall where I found the link to this blog -- I believe it was either at The American Thinker or Dissecting Leftism -- but it's quite excellent.

“...Speakers of both the left and right who dare defy the intellectual Taliban of academia and support Israel or speak in support of American values are routinely harassed, drowned out and intimidated socially, academically and even physically. This is a universal characteristic of totalitarians of any stripe, they are more comfortable with other totalitarians, no matter how diametrically opposed their ideas, than they are with those who can see and point out the absurdity of their slavery to empty ideas and pathetic rationalizations.”
-- Yaacov Ben Moshe, from his blog site; Breath of the Beast...

...A high standard of intellectual insight into the absurdity of today's left and its sympathy and support of contemporary fascism and religious intolerance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


George Will on "Fuzzy Climate Math"

If there was a genuine debate taking place on "Global Warming," "Global Cooling," or "Climate Change" (or whatever the latest convenient label is), information like the following would be more widely reported and considered...but that's certainly not the case:

"...Speaking of Hummers, perhaps it is environmentally responsible to buy one and squash a Prius with it. The Prius hybrid is, of course, fuel-efficient. There are, however, environmental costs to mining and smelting (in Canada) 1,000 tons a year of zinc for the battery-powered second motor, and the shipping of the zinc 10,000 miles -- trailing a cloud of carbon dioxide -- to Wales for refining and then to China for turning it into the component that is then sent to a battery factory in Japan..."

George Will may perhaps be the classic conservative columnist but he raises some important points and they're not the points being made in Newsweek cover stories, classroom lessons, or bogus award-winning documentaries.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Debating The Global Warming “Crisis” Scam

I'm not going to promote or defend the idea of clogging the skies with soot or turning nature into a dismal gray land of death. Indeed, clean skies, water, and oceans are a nice thing, a good thing, the right thing. But...a scam is a scam. There are plenty of web sites, books, and scientists that debunk the latest con-game of statist scare tactics. Unfortunately, like so much in the land of socialism inc., a virtual monopoly is held on the issue by mainstream media outlets, entertainment and, “education.” From elementary kids on up, citizens are told of impending doom unless we stop in our evolutionary tracks and learn to cooperate with the mandates and restraints of an evermore powerful state.

We don't hear much regarding the question as to why there was a pesky Medieval Warming Period in which average temperatures were higher than those of the present. We don't hear much regarding the Little Ice Age of four centuries ago. The question is seldom publically noted as to why kilometer deep ice sheets are better, or more "natural" climate conditions than an average temperature increase of less than one degree during the last century (or why the greater part of that increase didn't occur when the greatest industrial surge took place). Then there is the troublesome -- “Why is there global warming on Mars?” To address such questions would frame the global warming scare in a more sober light and maybe citizens would be less compliant in helping to trash their economies and lifestyles.

The left has, rightly, found the global warming scam to be a highly effective sacred cow to promote their usual agenda; a controlled centrally planned economy, a United States reduced in power and progress, and a world where everyone bows before the dictates of bureaucrats and philosopher kings.

The causes and possible “cures” to global warming should indeed be debated, but one side doesn't seem to like that idea very much – after all there is global warming on Mars (what's up with that?).

Al Gore, hypocrite extraordinaire, has become a hero to the international socialist clown-parade. No doubt he'll get a politically motivated Nobel Prize (left-wing, anti-U.S. Views have become one of the major criterions for receiving the Noble Prize for "peace," and even literature, now). Gore's movie is considered a documentary masterpiece (we've heard that bogus accolade before with Michael Moore's deceptive opinion pieces). Lets see, is it the brilliant cinematography of having a boring man show film clips of Hurricanes that elevates Gore's documentary to the level of high art in film making?

In any event, scare yourselves silly. Demand a more powerful government so we can eventually live in the style of North Korea's “superior system” (the inevitable result of the socialist ideal fully implementing it's stupid obsession with “equality” and an all powerful state).

If you disagree with the hype, or at least have some questions you'd like to see answered from either side of the issue, please sign this petition (thanks to my friend, Subhaash, for bringing it to my attention) – and get Al Gore to tell us how driving your car is melting the polar ice caps on Mars.

(Some further information can be found here)

p.s. for what it's worth, I haven't owned a car in over 20 years (but keep hearing of the need for me to agree with the global warming lobby -- from people who drive cars)

Friday, April 13, 2007


A Novel Contemporary Concept; Leftists Opposed to Fascism

I'm clearly no fan of leftist political parties or organizations, but it's nice to see that there are a few that actually maintain some consistency in the standards they espouse and are not allying themselves with the resurgent fascism of our times – Islamo-Fascist-Sharia-Jihad. Now if we could only convince the pampered spoiled leftists of The West to the sobering appraisals quoted in this recent post at FRONTPAGEMAG.COM;

“...Samir Qassir, a Lebanese center-left leader murdered by the Syrians, often spoke of anti-Americanism as 'the last refuge of the scoundrel' in the Middle East. 'Politics is always a question of choice,' Qassir said in one of his last articles. 'Here in the Middle East, we face a choice between democracy and alliance with the United States on one hand and surrender to religious fanatics and terrorists on the other'."

"Skimming through the Middle Eastern press these days can produce unexpected results. It's not rare to see a virulently anti-American article by an American or Western European leftist - and, alongside it on the same page, a pro-American article from an Arab, Iranian or Afghan progressive figure."

"In Iran, for example, Hussein Shariatmadari - the ultra-Islamist editor of the daily newspaper Kayhan and a theoretician of the extreme right - often admiringly cites such American leftist figures as Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Jane Fonda."

"Having all but abandoned its traditional opposition to capitalism and the bourgeois democratic system, much of the Western Left is forced to cling to anti-Americanism as its backbone."

"To be sure, anti-Americanism is not the ailment of the Western Left alone. Extreme-right parties are also vehemently anti-American. Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the French neofascist National Front, is as opposed to the new democratic Iraq as Spain's Socialist Premier Jose Luis Zapatero..."

To any honest observer of contemporary politics, there should be no surprises here.

Friday, April 06, 2007


"Controlled Demolitions" and the Left's Nut Parade

I love this website.

There are a million and one web sites, books, and agitator quotes to suggest (insist) that 9/11 was a conspiratorial plot by the evil forces of George Bush, Jewish neo-cons, and, by default, the “greedy, selfish, horrible, and evil” capitalist free economic system.

Between the efforts of media and “education” facilitators, a good portion of the public now actually buys into this most bizarre among the anti-U.S. heaps of trendy propaganda rubbish. Many Europeans – always passionately committed to seeing the worst in the most powerful open society – buy the whole conspiratorial con-job hook, line and sinker (while their own societies are well on the way to becoming Caliphate turf).

The above link to some guy named “Maddox” is hilarious in getting to the point. In addition to the many debunking sites that clear up the nonsense regarding “missing airplane parts” and “controlled demolitions,” the common sense and sarcastic observations of Maddox are refreshing notes of sobriety in a world that can't seem to imagine a ruthless religious/political ideology (the “Jihad” wing of Islam) actually acting with violence towards the world's most enviable experiment in individual self-government.

To paraphrase Maddox in his response to the creator of “Loose Change” (a popular 9/11 conspiracy video); If 10,000 high level officials and their underling functionaries could kill off 3000 of their fellow citizens [supposedly to help oil companies] they could surly bump off a single spoiled college student prick who thinks he's uncovered some closely guarded secret.

By all means check out other sites as well that note the absurdities of the paranoid-schizophrenia wing of left-land. Here are a few good ones:

Debunking 9/11 myths

Popular Mechanics; Debunking the 9/11 myths

Screw Loose Change

On more than one occasion I've had to listen to the left wing nut-jobs when they're in their 9/11 conspiracy mode. On such occasions their usual haughty above-it-all arrogance really shines. I've been reminded that I'm "unable to see through the veil” or that I "believe everything the newspapers say" (or “what FOX News tells [me]"). Yeah, I'm a real believer in media clarity and impartiality...and what AP, Reuters, and the BBC report.

If you want to “see through a veil” I recommend Mark Styen's excellent book; America Alone; The End of The World As We Know It. First off, Islamo-fascism's attempt to spread and impose Sharia Law upon...the world(!) is hardly “veiled,” but it may take some well stated reminders and quotes from Al Queda, Iran, and company for some to eventually see things in a more pragmatic light.

No; George Bush and thousands of obedient servants didn't kill fellow Americans before the cameras of the world on 9/11. All honest inquiries seem to indicate that the events of that day were carried out by the people who said they were going to do it, later took credit for doing it, and had actually tried to do it before by other means.

If you're a part of the Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Democratic Party conspiracy wing of nonsense, you're not, lacking in insight or failing to "see behind the veil" -- you're just an idiot. Now, throw away your cell phone, designer clothes, and CD collection, convert to the religion of violent jihad, move to Iran or Syria, and leave us “unbelievers” (in Islam or conspiracy theories) to lead our lives as we choose, free from threats of violence and coercion.

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